Magic Mountains receive journalists and travel bloggers

Magic Mountains receive journalists and travel bloggers

In the coming days 23, 24 and 25 February, 30 journalists and travel bloggers, Portuguese and Spanish, are visiting the magic mountains to participate in a press trip organized by ADRIMAG, in partnership with the Turismo Centro de Portugal.

For three consecutive days, these communication professionals, specialising in travel and tourism, will have the opportunity to discover the natural charms and cultural diversity of the magical mountains, through the discovery of some of the most emblematic places of the water and stone route (Rota da Água e da Pedra®).This visit will focus on the municipalities of the magical mountains located in the centre region (Sever do Vouga, São Pedro do Sul and Castro Daire).

Among the places to visit are in Sever do Vouga, the vougapark, the ecotrail of Vouga and the bridge of the Poço de Santiago, in addition to the waterdam of Ribeiradio in São Pedro do Sul, the mariolas of serra da Arada, the village of Pena and São Macário, and the baths of São Pedro do Sul, In Castro Daire, the village of Campo Benfeito, the Biodiversity station and the interpretation centre of Montemuro and Paiva.

Throughout the visit, journalists and bloggers will have the opportunity to contact with local culture and traditions, expressed in the good taste of typical gastronomy, in the quality of local products, in landscapes shaped by the human hand, in the history of local heritage.

This action is intended to promote dynamic complementarity that will allow the repositioning and consolidation of the image and perception of the centre of Portugal and specifically the territory of the magical mountains as a privileged tourist destination associated with nature tourism.

The achievement of these objectives resulting from an appropriate sharing of cross-border synergies will enable us to increase our market share, grow in number of tourists, increase the average number of days spend in the territory and generate greater return on investments within the territory of the magical mountains.

This press trip is one of the actions of the project of internationalization of the magical mountains ®, promoted by adrimag and co-financed by the Compete 2020 in the framework of SIAC internationalization.
(Photo Credits © Walter Martins)