Vale de Fratura do Bestança


The Bestança fracture valley is located in a region whose geomorphology was strongly affected by Variscan tectonic, responsible for the formation of several flaws in the territory of the Montanhas Mágicas®. The tectonic failure of the Bestança fracture valley is of such size that conditioned the orientation of this valley, and has even changed the trajectory of the Douro river in the vicinity. Born near the Portas do Montemuro, the river Bestança follows almost straight to the Douro for about 12 km, taking advantage of the flaw in the granite massif of Montemuro. This fantastic valley created by nature has been shaped by man for centuries, drawing a landscape of great beauty, with a remarkable biodiversity and high cultural value. Species such as lesser purple emperor butterfly, the gold-striped salamander, the pyrenean desman, the iberian emerald lizard or the hart’s- tongue abound in the Bestança valley.



Technical information

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