The Gralheira village is one of the highest in Portugal, with an altitude of 1105 meters. Also known as the “Princess of the mountain” for, since ancient times, is the most developed village in the vacinity. Integrated into the granite landscape of the Montemuro mountain the Gralheira village features traditional mountain architecture, dominated by granite, still can find the traditional thatched roofs. The Gralheira, in addition to its valuable architectural heritage, has an immense natural heritage.

Natural Patrimony

The Gralheira surroundings present a unique landscape. The marshes, the oaks, the river Cabrum as well as the rupicolous habitats here are an immense contribute to a great diversity of fauna and flora. The meadow squill, the common-kestrel, the snub-nosed viper, the european tree frog or the fire salamander are some of the species that can be seen here.

Cultural Patrimony

The Gralheira populations have always had a close connection with nature. An example of that is their relationship with the penedo da Saúde (health’s rock) about which was said in ancient times, this had influence in curing diseases. Especially beneficial for tuberculosis patients, people with this disease should walk around it in order to improve their health. In these mountain landscapes of Montemuro there are other villages with great interest, like the case of Vale de Papas. This village, integrated in the Aldeias de Portugal® (villages of Portugal), of great beauty, is dominated by granite, showing several examples of traditional architecture, such as community threshing floors, the granaries or thatched houses.


Technical information

  • Level of Dificulty Low
  • Type of Route Linear
  • Access Car/Pedestrian