Lenteiro do Rio


The Lenteiro do Rio is a park at the mouth of Sul river that is configured as a recreational area of excellence for the residents of São Pedro do Sul and visitors to the territory. It has a garden of large trees that provides shade to those who come here. It is a prime location accessing to the Vouga river, with an imposing waterway that once rotated the blades of a noria that raised the river water to the surrounding irrigation. By the noria there is a filly that served as a passage between the banks of the Vouga, and at the confluence area of the two rivers a small island is formed, adding even more beauty to this idyllic picture taken from the imagination of a romantic writer. Legend goes that it was here that some fishermen saw the image of St. Peter in the waters of the Sul river, only by miracle had it arrived there practically intact. And so was this town christened as São Pedro do Sul.

Natural Patrimony

The Sul river is known for its large trouts, which still climb this mountain river to spawn. In the Vouga river, the barbel and portuguese nase dominate the aquatic fauna, still however frequent the eel and the northern iberian chub. In the woods along the Vouga, oak trees join black alders and willows forming an excellent habitat for the great tit, tutsan, marbled newt and the rare lesser purple emperor butterfly. On the river, the protected river cruisers and orange-spotted emerald dragonflies can be observed, taking advantage of the Vouga back waters, provided by dams, to thrive.

Cultural Patrimony

The “Estação de Artes e Sabores”results from the recovery of the old Vouga railway station in São Pedro do Sul, being now a small museum, a craft shop and a coffee shop serving local delicacies. Right next to it, the Negrelos railway bridge is a witness of the great masonry art works that allowed this railway to rise through hills and valleys linking the coast to the rangy interior.


Technical information

  • Level of Dificulty Low
  • Type of Route Linear
  • Access Car/Pedestrian