Poço do Pisão


The well of Pisão is located in the Caima river, between Santa Cruz and the bridge of Pisão. The river here runs with great force in the winter, digging numerous giant kettles. It was once the setting for a trout nursery, with a bypass channel in the river which led to a small island. The Pisão well is located in an embedded valley with high margins and cliffs covered with dense vegetation, making it difficult to access. This setting makes this place an incomparable beauty site, where running water and lush vegetation come together in a unique harmony, offering habitat to numerous species of fauna and flora that find refuge here. Today are no longer trout at this site, but portuguese nase, barbel and iberian chub can still be observed.

Natural Patrimony

The river Caima here forms a lush riparian gallery, with black alders and willows riding the river banks. Here the gold-striped salamander and the iberian emerald lizard are so abundant that by lifting the stones, easily we see these rare species. Along the river, some common holly honors us with its presence; wild blueberries thrive alongside the pool margins; and the tutsan takes the humidity that is felt here. In the cliffs, angel’s tears flourish in rock crevices and in the river, we can see the restless white-throated dipper and the colorful common kingfisher, in their incessant search for food.

Cultural Patrimony

The Pisão bridge is located on the edge of the parishes of Rôge and Cepelos, just leaving the place of Sandiães in the way between Cepelos de Baixo and Sandiães, where it crosses the river Caima. Dated from the XVII/XVIII century, this is a horizontal board bridge over a single granitic archway.


Vale de Cambra, Macieira de Cambra, Rôge

Technical information

  • Level of Dificulty Medium
  • Type of Route Wavy
  • Access Pedestrian