Ponte de Covelas


Built on the clear river Bestança, this beautiful baroque bridge mimics Romanesque bridges as the Pias bridge (now defunct) and the one over the Cabrum river. In its architecture stands out the classic platform based on a single arch and the medallion in the center of the structure. Built in the year 1762 by order of Father Diogo de Sequeira e Vasconcelos, for many years the Ponte de Covelas (Covelas’ bridge) was an important crossing point for the population of the Bestança valley, especially between Tendais and Porto Antigo. It is currently part of the pedestrian route PR1 – Caminho do Prado, crossing leafy oaks forests, meadows, streams, cliffs and other beauties of this valley.

Natural Patrimony

Considered one of the cleanest river in Europe, the Bestança rises near the Portas do Montemuro (Montemuro doors) flowing into Porto Antigo village. All over the Bestança valley you can admire a great diversity of habitats and species, many of them endemic and protected. The protected jersey tiger, lesser purple emperor or the white admiral butterfly are three species of invertebrates that can be observed here. In the riparian corridors dominates the black alder, also emerging ash, hazel, and occasionally, the montpellier maple, rare plant in these parts. Noteworthy are also the gold-striped salamander protected, iberian newt and the aloof white-throated deeper. Along the valley many streams flow into the Bestança; Enxidrô riverside is one of them, presenting an impressive waterfall of about 25 meters.


Fermentãos, Mourelos

Technical information

  • Level of Dificulty Medium
  • Type of Route Wavy
  • Access Pedestrian