Falsos Meandros do Paiva


The intricacies of Paiva, or rather false intricacies of Paiva, are characterized by four large hairpin bends that the river Paiva makes in the Janarde region. Unlike the true intricacies originated by fluvial dynamics, these come from the existing lithological differentiation here, passing the river by softer rocks and easy to erode, and bypassing the hardest rocks such as quartzite. This phenomenon, often present in the river Paiva, can also be a consequence of the existence of faults and fractures in the rock to the establishment of the riverbed. The result is a very winding valley bordering promontories that form small peninsulas on the edges of Paiva. To observe well the ins and outs, we should climb to the top of Janarde village, and so admire the unique landscape designed by the rocks and the river in these parts.

Natural Patrimony

On the slopes along the Paiva, an interesting shrub formation of strawberry tree dominates the landscape, growing naturally on steep slopes that flank the river. In the waters of the Paiva, the trout runs fast, and the freshwater pearl mussel, mandatory trout symbiont in its younger stage, takes advantage of the swift water running on gravel to settle. On the contrary, the river cruisers dragonfly nymph settles in the bed of the river backwaters with black alder roots where it remains for several years before emerging as an adult dragonfly. In the small water lines that descend steeply below the cliffs can be seen some carnivorous plants like the round-leaved sundew and the lusitanic butterwort. At the rocky outcrops, the pedunculated anarrhinum here finds its northern limit of distribution. The marsh fritillary butterfly can be seen in green spaces that grow all over the place.

Cultural Patrimony

The Janarde village is located on the left bank of the Paiva river, taking advantage of one of the Paiva terraces to develop. Houses in shale, the improved streets, the white chapel with a slate roof and the beauty of this region make Janarde one of the most beautiful villages of the river Paiva.


Technical information

  • Level of Dificulty Low
  • Type of Route Linear
  • Access Car/Pedestrian