Cascata do Côto de Boi


The Côto do Boi cascade is a seasonal water cascade located in the stream of Moldes village, about 930 meters above sea level, very close to its source and, therefore, in the summer comes to be virtually dry. The water falls about 20 meters high, and the shale river bed has been polished over thousands of years by water erosion. This is the habitat of the rare cyclamen-flowered daffodil that can be seen downstream from the waterfall. In the green soils over the cascade, lush fritillary show their colors in purple and brown variants. But it’s Côto do Boi, imposing stone ridge drained at east by the stream of Côto do Boi and at west by the stream of Roças, converging at the stream of Moldes, that deserves greater prominence; from the top of its 1000 meters, resembling a massive ox croup, forms an impressive cliff over 100 meters long into the river, being the preferred habitat of endemic species such as the rocky germander and the murbeckiella. The end of this cliff is the contact point with the quartzdiorite of Arouca, a little further down, where we can observe in the rocky outcrop, the rocky daisy and the angel’s tears.


Technical information

  • Level of Dificulty Low