Pelourinho da Raiva


Set on the slopes of the Douro, the Pelourinho da Raiva (Raiva’s pillory) brands independence of Raiva’s “honor” relating to county of Castelo de Paiva. Despite not having received the king’s letter of independence, the town was head of county between 1527 and 1839. This pillory presents a peculiar type, with a rough square base in which rests a smooth orthogonal section column, with a pyramid-shaped body on top. Inaccurate dating, it is thought that this monument was built in the sixteenth century. Here we can also see the Raiva’s Igreja Matriz (Main church) and the fantastic scenery of the Douro river, with its slopes with lush mixed woods and on the other side, the imposing serra da Boneca (Boneca mountain).


Raiva, Oliveira do Arda

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