Pico do Talegre


On a rocky dome that rises from the bowels of the Montemuro mountain, Pico do Talegre is the highest point of the Montanhas Mágicas®, with 1381 meters. It can be seen from much of the northern mountains of Portugal, from the most distant as the Estrela mountain to the south and to the north the Gerês mountain, to the nearest, as the Gralheira massive, the Caramulo or the Alvão. From here it is also possible to observe the main reliefs through the landscape, the valleys of the Douro, Paiva, Vouga and closer, the fantastic Bestança fracture Valley. Around Talegre beautiful and diverse granite shapes carved by time, as sinks, giant balls, cracks or linear grooves can be seen.

Cultural Patrimony

In the surroundings of Pico do Talegre there are species and habitats of great importance. The extreme conditions that occur here due to the high altitude forced the different species to find remarkable adaptations. In the areas of depression, where the accumulation of water is greater, arise nard grasslands, a poor nutrient local that develops a remarkable floristic diversity. These meadows of priority protection, are characterized by matgrass domain, hosting important species such as the marsh gentian and is also an important refuge for many species of invertebrates. In the rocky dome, on the known fat slab, can be seen the iberian mountain broom, very rare in the Montemuro mountain. This plant, prepared for the harsh high mountain conditions, it is common in Iberian mountains. In this tough mountain landscape there are also present species such as the enigmatic iberian wolf, the snub-nosed viper, the hen harrier or the common rock thrush.


Technical information

  • Level of Dificulty Low
  • Type of Route Linear
  • Access Car/Pedestrian