Senhora do Castelo


Located at 1201 meters height, the mountain of the Senhora do Castelo (Lady of the Castle) is in morphological terms, one tor, that is, an accumulation of granite balls. The origin of the name is probably related to the morphology of this hill, resembling a castle. From here we have a magnificent panorama of the surrounding region. To the north stand out the Douro river and the Marão mountain, to the west you can see the Carrapatelo flaw. To the south, the Montemuro mountain and the valley of Santa Marinha riverside stand out in the landscape as well as the silhouette of the Estrela mountain, which also dazzles in the landscape. By its shape and location, the Senhora do Castelo was, over time, a place of worship. Currently still holds an annual festival on the first Sunday of August first time held in the 70s of the last century.


Technical information

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